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REM Law & Development

Legal problems are unpleasant for everyone. That’s why it’s so nice to be well-assisted when you are struggling with them. 

At REM Law & Development, you will always find an experienced and knowledgeable contact person, with the reassuring thought that your legal problem is in good hands. The small scale of the office guarantees the personal attention necessary to work towards a viable solution. Language is not a barrier: if desired, communication and correspondence can be in Dutch, English, Spanish, or Papiamentu.

The office is located in Otrobanda at Hoogstraat 44 and can be reached by phone at: (+5999) 668-9795 (mobile) and (+5999) 789-9795 (landline).



Mr. Russel E. Martis, director and major shareholder, studied law in Leiden, the Netherlands and worked for several years in the general legal practice at Scheperboer & Parris Advocaten in Santa Rosa, Curaçao before setting up his own practice.

Prior to that, he worked for many years as a policy officer and corporate lawyer in the Netherlands, where he also completed courses in Human Resources Management and Mediation.

We work together with various experts, including dr. mr. A.T.C. Nicolaas, a lawyer and scientist in Bonaire and Zeus Management in Curaçao. REM Law & Development aims to find a sustainable solution to a legal conflict, preferably without having to involve the court.

Going to court takes time and money and does not always lead to a satisfactory solution.

Moreover, the path to appeal is usually always open, which can further prolong the case and cost even more money, with still the chance of an unsatisfactory solution. However, when it is necessary, REM Law & Development does not shy away from going to court. We seek clarity first through an interview and studying all relevant facts and documents. We then analyze the situation, discuss the options with the client, and work together towards a sustainable solution. 

The client is always informed and involved in the solution.
REM Law & Development also helps in the field of organizational development and human resources. 

We ensure that you avoid unnecessary problems in the organization, solve problems that do arise quickly and optimize your organization to achieve your goals.


What Our Clients Say

Mr. Martis is the best family law attorney I have ever worked with. From our first meeting, he explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings.

Edward Mambi

CEO Cloud & Apps Solutions